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About Us

    Ahavat Israel in Taiwan (AIIT) is a group of people led by Master Lin Rang, who loves the Jewish people from Israel unconditionally. Decades ago, he was enlightened to know the importance and distinctiveness of the Jewish people. Ever since then, he has conveyed the same belief to his followers with his lifelong mission to love God’s chosen people.

    To love the Jewish people is not only an idea but also an action. For years, Master Lin has been developing the thermal therapy which is far beyond any contemporary medical treatments. And the therapy is, as Master Lin has developed, solely for the Jewish people. The treatment has then been applied to many Jewish people and their families both in Taiwan and Israel and proved very effective by them.

   What we, Master Lin’s followers, have been doing derives from our love for Master Lin as well as the Jewish people. We firmly believe in Master Lin’s teachings as his wisdom and his assessment has helped us tremendously in any given situation. The benefits we’ve received from his teachings in all the aspects of our lives are indescribable. We are grateful to have him as our teacher and thus gladly and faithfully do what he always tells us to.